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Household Waste Should Not Be An Issue

Feb 17

Rubbish Removal Southampton

Are you looking for a cheap rubbish removal service? Are you in need of professional rubbish collection services? If so, our Rubbish Removal Southampton team can help. We can clear away anything from broken appliances to old furniture and even construction waste like bricks, concrete or wood. Our staff are highly trained and qualified to remove anything that is considered as household waste! That's not all; we also take care of your recycling requirements too!

What Is Household Waste?


Household waste is basically any item that has been discarded by the occupants of your property. This includes everything from broken appliances to old furniture, tyres, garden cuttings and even building rubble.

Face it; if you need to clear away anything that's considered as junk then our team at Zero Removal Southampton can take it away! That's not all though because we also recycle up to 60% of every load too!

Where Do We Operate?

Our local rubbish removal teams are able to operate throughout Southampton , Portsmouth , Winchester plus surrounding areas, including Rubbish Removal Bournemouth


What you need to know about rubbish removal services.

How Our Rubbish Removal Services Work:

The first thing we do is schedule a free, no obligation meeting with one of our trained staff members. This gives us the chance to talk through your requirements and ensure that we can meet all of your needs. If you're unsure as to what you might require then don't worry because we can offer advice and guidance on this! We'll chat about the type of waste materials that need removing and try and figure out how much space it will take up so we can give you an accurate quotation for the work. Once we've had our initial discussion then we will book in a date where two of our team members will attend your property at a time that suits you.

For more information on our Rubbish Removal Services please call us today!

We are fully licensed, insured and adhere to COSHH regulations. All of our staff are uniformed, trained and qualified in the safe removal of all types of waste materials - both household and commercial. We can take care of your junk whether it's simply being stored temporarily at your property or if it needs taking away for recycling purposes. We have a network of depots throughout Southampton plus nationwide operatives so we can shift anything from fridges, sheds or even soil/rubble!

What Is garden waste?


If your garden looks a little overgrown and you have piles of leaves, grass or even logs then we can take care of that too! We can even offer a free, professional consultation to discuss the best ways to dispose of your garden waste.

What Is Commercial Waste?

We also specialise in commercial waste collection services which means we can remove anything from old furniture to IT hardware and shop fittings. If you're unsure as to whether any of the items you want removing are classed as business waste then please give us a call - we can assist with this!


Don't get stressed if you have overgrown gardens or a lot of surplus household waste. Get in a great waste management team to get things sorted.